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  • The Need For Energy Renewal

    renewable energy in GainesvilleOf all the available resources, non-renewable energy resources are the least abundant, and yet they are also the most widely used. In the last century, we have devastated the earth’s natural resources and put a tremendous strain on local and global economies. Environmental awareness has also been increasing, and this has led to deeper research into types of renewable energy. The use of renewable resources such as solar energy, wind energy, biomass, geothermal energy, and water, has been spreading.

    The sun is a direct energy resource, and an indirect resource for most of the other types of renewing resources. The energy of the sun is used to produce electricity that keeps our families, our businesses, and even our towns up and running. It is used to heat water and cool air. Solar power is a type of renewable energy that can be harnessed all over to varying degrees.

    The sun warms the air and stirs up wind, which is another type of renewable energy. Wind farmers use turbines, or windmills, to grab energy from the wind. Wind power runs farms, households, and is useful to local and global industries. When wind and sun cause evaporation, rain and snow are the results. The water fills and moves along our flowing waters where it can be used as hydroelectric energy.

    The sun and water nourish the plants, and plants become biomass. Organic matter provides fuels, produces electricity, and provides essential chemicals to power our world. The energy from biomass is called bioenergy. Renewable bioenergy comes from life, then supports life, which continues to cycle in the circle of organic life.

    Renewable energy is not always connected to the sun. We can use energy that is created from the earth’s heat to heat and cool our homes and other buildings. This source is geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is also a reliable source for the production of electricity.

    Our oceans are an expansive source of renewable energy. Its energy comes from the gravitational pull of the moon that creates tides, tides and winds that create waves, and heat from the sun warms the shallows. All of these can be harvested for energy.

    The discovery of coal and oil as sources of energy helped to create the industrial and technical world we live in, but in order to continue to power a technologically-evolving earth, we must do further research into all different types of renewable energy. Oil and coal will not renew — at least not fast enough to keep up with a growing world that depends on electric power. Of all the choices we have, we continue to use non-renewable fuels that poison our water and pollute our air. We strip our forests fast and fail to plant with equal vigor. Renewable energy is our hope for the future of the planet.

    Energy resources that renew are good for the economy. When people and corporations invest in renewable energy, most of the profits go back into the helping the local economy, rather than profiting commercial operations and industries on the other side of the globe. Renewable energy jobs are more secure than jobs in oil or coal. Renewable energy never depletes, but it must be harnessed, equipment will always be necessary, and although it does do most of the renewing on its own, it must be supervised.

    As residents of the earth, we not only have a responsibility to our planet, we have a personal stake in its survival. We can either gorge on energy that cannot renew and leaves the world in ever-worsening shape, or we can choose to get our power from all of the types of renewable energy. For the sake of future generations, we need to stop hurting our earth and start healing it.

    At we are committed to green efforts like recycling and renewable sources of energy if possible.


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